Saturday, July 4, 2009

IYEA Launches on Independence Day, 2009

The Independent Yoga Educators of America is officially born on July 4th, 2009.

I have launched this initiative after many years of talking, writing and advocating for the freedom of my chosen profession: Yoga Educator.

This profession has come under attack by state regulators who wish to license the training of yoga teachers via existing vocational licensing laws. I have written an extensive article exploring these issues, which I am posting here, and also on our new website,

Please feel free to comment on the article on this blog. If you wish to engage in a more serious discussion of these vital issues, I urge you to click here to learn how you can support IYEA's efforts.

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  1. Thank you, Leslie, for your leadership during these tumultuous times. Here in Virginia we too are under attack. It's appalling that during a time of economic crisis, our state government is BULLYING small businesses under FALSE PRETENSES. The VA state government agency "SCHEV" refuses to directly answer our requests for clarification about fees, deadlines, etc. and is insisting that we adhere to unreasonable fees and bureaucratic processes. The farce of "protecting the public" is disgusting - it's a money grab and we all know it. The lack of action by Yoga Alliance has been disappointing and downright negligent. Ugh - I could go on and on! Anyway, I really appreciate how you've layed out the argument against state licensing of all kinds and provided helpful recommended courses of actions. On another note, I've tried to donate via your "donate now" button but it doesn't seem to be working? Is there another way? Perhaps providing the email address associated with the paypal account so we can send directly from our own paypal accounts? Again, thanks for ALL that you are doing.